Self Referrals

Clients can choose to schedule an appointment for themselves, and do not necessarily have to be referred by a medical practitioner. In such cases, the individual is responsible for paying the fees incurred in seeing a psychologist.

Private Health Insurance

If you wish to utilise rebates from private health cover, it is best to contact the Private Health Insurer beforehand; they can advise you of the amount of rebate per session available to you, and whether they require you to be referred by a medical practitioner. Please note that most Private Health Insurers only cover health related concerns - usually this does not include relationship difficulties, vocational concerns, legal matters, etc.

An invoice is prepared for you to use when claiming with your Private Health Insurer. We require full payment of the account on the day that the service is provided.

Note: Edward Street Psychology does not offer HICAPS facilities.

Medicare Rebates

Australian residents who hold Medicare status can be referred by a general medical practitioner (GP) under a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP). This requires an individual to see their GP who will decide if they are eligible for a referral. This usually requires a longer consultation with the GP in order to assess the individual, complete the required documentation and lodge the plan with Medicare. The MHCP documents must be brought to your initial consultation with a psychologist.

Once the plan has been lodged, you are entitled to 10 sessions per calendar year, with the requirement that you return to your GP for review after six sessions for approval of another four. For each session you are required to pay the full fee and then claim your rebate. The rebate can be reimbursed electronically at the time of consultation, provided that you bring your Medicare card and an EFTPOS/debit card (with PIN).

Third-Party Claims

If you are referred as part of third-party claim (e.g. workers compensation, motor vehicle accident, public liability claim, etc) it is necessary that:

  1. your claim has been accepted by the insurer.
  2. the insurer has approved access to psychological services.

You will need to discuss your referral with your claims manager to ensure that they have given approval, otherwise access to psychological services may be delayed (until approval is granted).