The field of Organisational Psychology investigates how people function in the workplace, individually and collectively. The insights gained from this field provide organisations with insights to develop or improve healthy workplace functioning.Psychologists at Edward Street Psychology have been working with organisations for over twenty-five years.

We are contracted as providers of Employee Assistance Programs for a variety of organisations in the public and private sector, where a combination of organisational and clinical psychology skills offer a valuable breadth of expertise to organisations. We have also developed partnerships with some organisations to provide critical incident response to potentially traumatic events in order to address presenting difficulties at the individual level, within group settings and for the broader organisational context.

In determining the best approach for organisational problems, consultants at Edward Street Psychology take time to carefully assess the specific needs of client organisations. We prefer to work with organisations to develop specific, tailored programmes that consider the unique features and culture of the organisation, adopting a solution oriented framework.