Employee Assistance Programmes

Edward Street Psychology provides Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) to employees of organisations where a contract of service has been established. Typically employees access the service to receive counselling and support regarding either personal or work-related matters, and for a designated number of sessions.

The EAP is a confidential service; employees are informed that no specific information regarding their identity or the concerns they raised are relayed back to the employer.

Management Coaching and Development

Organisations can arrange for staff (at any level of management) to receive assistance in the development of managerial skills through one-to-one coaching. Commonly coaching sessions involve the identification of problematic issues, problem-solving regarding effective solutions and monitoring of progress in implementing solutions.

Management skills development can also be imparted through group training sessions which targets specific areas of need within and organisation, and where the training package is tailored to suit those needs.


Edward Street Psychology provide training and development for organisations from the public and private sector in areas of building resilience, navigating through conflict, performance management, giving and receiving feedback, and managing personal stressors in the workplace. We also offer organisations the opportunity to work across the various levels of management and to individually tailor an organisation or teams training requirements.